Christian songs from Dohnavur

List of Songs with Composers

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Composer Tune
Eternal love
Kenneth S. Procter

Eye hath not seen
Handel Parker
Deep Harmony
Father of lights
P. Spencer Palmer

Father of spirits
Kenneth S. Procter

For sunrise hope and sunset calm (1)
Kenneth S. Procter

For sunrise hope and sunset calm (2)
Joseph Haydn

From coldness to the burning woe
Sir Joseph Barnby
St. Chrysostom
How often, Lord our grateful eyes
Robert Archibald Smith
St. Lawrence
I cannot bring Thee praise
Mabel Wade

Incense pure
P. Spencer Palmer

Life's Street
Godfrey Webb-Peploe

Edgar H. Fewkes

Loverís wings
P. Spencer Palmer

O Lord we bring Thee
Dr. E.J. Hopkins
O Splendour of God's Will
Carl Maria Von Weber
arr. Kenneth S. Proctor
Die Frieschutz
Peace be still
Kenneth S. Procter

River of God
Kenneth S. Procter

Royal Scars
P. Spencer Palmer

Shadow and coolness
Kenneth S. Procter

Show the way
Kenneth S. Procter

Strength of my heart
Kenneth S. Procter

The Glory in the midst art Thou
Charles Hutcheson
Trumpets, bugles of the Lord
Rev. E. Husband

Edith Phillips-Jones

You see no sign
P. Spencer Palmer

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